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Psychology Major

School of Arts and Sciences

Follow Your Callings to Explore the Human Mind

Psychology is the scientific study of the brain and the origin of thoughts, and a rapidly growing field delving into one of the most complex systems -- the human mind. While some areas of the scientific community look at symptoms, psychology aims to look at the cause. What makes us who we are? What is nature, and what is nurture? Investigate how certain innate or environmental traits affect the individual and society in general. In this expansive program, you will take a journey to deepen your understanding of people and through healthy, scientific skepticism, growing personally and professionally as a result.

From the great psycho-analysts of the 20th century, to present-day breakthroughs, you can develop a core understanding of the principles of psychology with the Bachelor of Art degree at Concordia. Explore neuro-structure and function, to analyses of mental conditions and disorders. Through a variety of topics, we will help foster your curiosity in all the things the field is discovering about human behavior. We scientifically inquire into some of the big questions about human thoughts, actions, and emotions, how they operate -- and how they interact with each other.

As a psychology major, you will graduate with marketable skills, including the ability to communicate effectively, problem solve, develop and sustain a reasoned argument, collect and analyze data, and study and think independently. Many graduates enter into clinical work and progress as psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists. Your degree can also prepare you for a career in management, social work, marketing and advertising, demography, or policy analytics.

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